Play the role of Nehemiah according to the historical events as recorded in the Bible.

You will face moral challenges and need to make choices that will ultimately direct the outcome of the game as you try to rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem.

Rectifying Zion is an open world role playing game that allows the player to roam around the city of Jerusalem, including the temple that was rebuilt by Ezra, and the nearest farms and villages.


The book of Nehemiah in the Bible.

The Bible like never before

We recreate biblical places and events so you can experience the Bible in a new way. Be a part of historical events and witness them as they unfold. For the best outcome, let scriptures guide the way.

Developed By

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Quasistellar Game Development

Role Playing

Be a part of historical events around the year 400 B.C.

Open World

An open world that allows the player to roam.

Choices with consequence

Make choices that will alter the out come of each quest.



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